"Degen Dojo is an on-chain ART collection influenced by Japanese lore and culture combined with a fun artistic approach...these degens represent strength, crazyness and ballsiness"



"The only on-chain collection that has 66 different faces/characters"


These degens had been glorious Samureh fighters and decided to live happily ever after in the dojo...enjoying their big fat blunts, ice cold beers, fish slapping others and gambling whatever they own...being funny, stupid and occasionally wise they stand tall and proud...surely they are not the ones to F*** around with 🤝


These fukers left the dojo in pursuit for a few drinks...they managed to get lost in the forest and during the night they found a glowing chest full of drenks...well degens don't ask questions so they decided to enjoy them till the very last drop...only to fall asleep with a smile but wake up demonized af 👹


"Once upon a time...Degen Dojo creators rugged...so a few monks decided to take over and carry on the legacy of this remarkable ART"




"Here we will share a few words about the ART...nothing on these degens is by chance"


"Our focus is to showcase the remarkable ART of Degen Dojo not only in web3 but also in web2...stay tuned fkers and once we have something to show...we will"

Degen Dojo